Norwegian Fjords at Briar Hill Farm

The Norwegian Fjord Horse is one of the world's oldest and purest breeds.  Possessing a charming, gentle disposition and a curious, active character, the Fjord horse is long lived, agile, surefooted and willing to perform a variety of tasks.  Fjords generally range in size from 13 to 14.2 hands and weigh between 900 and 1200 lbs.  The strong body and extraordinary power for their small size enables Fjords to be used for all types of riding, driving and draft work.  Fjord horses retain the distinctive wild dun color and primitive marking of their ancient heritage, including a dark dorsal stripe running through the neck and down the back and zebra stripes on the legs.

English Dales Ponies are a new addition to Briar Hill Farm. We have 6 imported mares, beautiful foals and the fabulous stallion Dykedale Duke.
BURLWOOD ZOE (Solar x Zeera): The beautiful and elegant Zoe has won at competitive trail and first level dressage and novice horse trials. Zoe was a flag carrier, representing the Norwegian Fjord Horse at the opening ceremonies at first Equitana USA and performed in the Fantasia show at Equine Affaire, MA. She's led the Fjord drill team and with FH Bella, has given exhibitions of choreographed jumping. I don't think that I've ever ridden a more fun horse than Zoe. She does everything with enthusiasm. She passes on her beautiful head and neck, sloping shoulder, strong hind quarters and "joie de vivre" to all her foals.  Zoe placed 2nd in Produce of Dam at the 2001 Fjord Show.
THE MARES AT BRIAR HILL FARM represent top US and European bloodlines. Our mares have a record of performance and versatility. We select top stallions to make the best match for each mare. We are careful to breed for quality conformation, good movement, excellent temperament and trainability. Foals born at Briar Hill receive careful handling from birth on. We use TTEAM methods, gently teaching each foal to be cooperative, balanced and responsive. All foals are taught good  basics in handling and manners.
The "Briar Hill Gang" at the annual Fjord show in Woodstock, VT
Bryhyl Tzevi  (MVF Hegdal x Zoe)
Bryhyl Gabryel (Ring x Zoe)
Bryhyl Zephyr (Sathersblaaken x Zoe)

FH Bella (Montano x Elda) 2.premie : Refined and elegant, Bella has represented Fjords at local and national exhibitions riding and jumping wearing no bridle. She jumps over fire, walks on bubble wrap and plays ball. She's light and sensitive and patient enough to teach beginner riders. She can ride an elegant 1st level dressage test and sail over a 3 foot jump. Bella has a 2nd premie in the Dutch Evaluation system and is approved for breeding by Norwegian judges.
Bella and Lydia
Bryhyl Lydia  (Solar x Bella)
Bryhyl Noah  (Ring x Bella)
Hertel  (Stording x Carjo) : Imported from Holland and approved for breeding by Norwegian Judges, Hertel is strong, solid and moves with elegance and power. She excels at driving disciplines. Her foals have her uniquely beautiful head, strong bone, lovely neck, and powerful quarters. Hertel's foal Danser, by Hostar, is a successful stallion standing at Fawn Creek Fjords in Colorado.  Currently, Hertel is the near horse in our pair, competing in combined driving
Bryhyl Aryel  ( Solar x Hertel )
Danser (Hostar x Hertel )
Bryhyl Sylas (MVF Hegdal x Hertel )
Bryhyl Per  (Prydarson x Hertel )
Bryhyl Arik  ( Hostar x Hertel )
MVF Raiya (MVF Ramstad x Froya):  Raiya received a blue ribbon in the American conformation evaluation with a score of 82.  Her long, balanced movement and powerful gaits make her an eye catcher in the dressage ring. Her foals are always stunning with substance, fabulous reaching movement and great temperament.
Bryhyl Regn (Lindemann x MVF Raiya)
Bryhyl Sebastyan  (MVF Hegdal x MVF Raiya )
Bryhyl Silvi (MVF Hegdal x MVF Raiya)
Bryhyl Rita Marie (MVF Hegdal x MVF Raiya
Bryhyl Aryel (Solar  x Hertel) was born on our farm. She is by the incomprable Solar, a top stallion from Holland, out of our imported mare, Hertel. Aryel is all a fjord horse should be combining grace, beauty and power. She has proven herself competing in pleasure and combined driving and  she is currently part of our pair that have won all the driving events they have entered. Her first foal, Bryhyl Wolfson by Prydarson is exceptional.
Bryhyl Wolfson (Bryhyl Aryel x Prydarson)

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