We use TTEAM training methods at Briar Hill Farm which enhance a horse's ability to adapt to a variety of situations. Marcy has been involved with TTEAM for over 16 years and is a certified clinician and practitioner. She gives clinics on TTEAM and Ttouch throughout the US and Canada.
All horses at Briar Hill experience TTEAM ground lessons. The horses are worked in hand over a variety of challenging obstacles. They learn self confidence, co-operation, self control, focus, balance and coordination. The horses learn to quietly listen to and respond to their handler's requests.  TTOUCH body work enhances the horse's body awareness, comfort, balance, relaxation and ability to learn.
young Standardbred becoming accustomed to the saddle
Physical comfort and balance are key to the horses ability to learn and perform. All horses ay Briar Hill receive routine vet and farrier care. Detailed attention is paid to saddle fit, customized bitting, hoof care and nutrition.  Using the TTEAM approach, we teach our horses how to properly carry themselves in balance, without tension, providing for a safe and comfortable ride or drive.
Marcy teaching a TTEAM clinic.
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Marcy driving Beyra.
TTEAM International, Inc.
Long lining the driving horse
getting the young horse accustomed to the sound of the cart
Putting the cart to a young horse
First solo drive
Cosh and Sarah Weingarten learning freedom and balance with out a bridle
Halflinger, "Summer" in her first year of training
It is our philosophy to train for harmony, relaxation and balance
Ponying out  SF Roxanne &OMF Uzanne
Bryhyl Sylas