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The Dales Pony is a kind, gentle breed. These ponies are gifted athletes, strong, sturdy and beautiful.  For centuries, they have been valued for their willingness to work, their personable and friendly nature and their incredible hardiness.

The Dales Pony originates from Northeast England, near the Scottish border, in the rugged and beautiful Yorkshire dales. Descended from the native ponies of the region, they were used in Roman times for pack work, carrying heavy loads long distances over rough terrain. They have been used for centuries on the small hillside farms, working in all kinds of weather performing a variety of tasks, including farm work, hitched to a cart for a sharp trot to town, or under saddle for an energetic hunt.
The Dales Pony has a bold temperament, great presence and an eye-catching fast trot, combined with stamina, agility and a calm, sensible nature. They are usually good in traffic, do not panic in awkward situations, and are very sure-footed. All these qualities make the Dales a first choice as a driving pony, either for pleasure, or for driving trials.

The combination of good conformation with energy and ability make the Dales Pony excellent for riding. They have a good ground covering walk, dynamic trot and rolling canter. Dales have the stamina and determination to keep going over long distances, making them favorites for trail and long distance rides. The Dales Pony can be a willing and clever jumper. They compete very successfully in cross - country, performance classes and dressage. They easily carry heavy adults and are kind enough to carry children.

Brymstone Dales at Briar Hill Farm stands two stallions: The incomparable Dykedale Duke and our junior stallion, Brymstone's Tennyson. Duke has competed in Dressage, Combined Training, Pleasure Driving, Combined Driving and distance events both ridden and driven.
Every year, we produce a few foals out of our imported mares. The Brymstone breeding program focuses on traditional type, quality movement, the best of temperament and trainability.
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Dykedale Duke
Jimmy by Dykedale Duke
Dykedale Duke
The heard enjoying Vermont fall.
Our Stallion Dykedale Duke
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Dykedale Duke.
Brymstone' Marlowe and Croxdale Beauty
The Brymstone Dales foals grow up on our beautiful and rugged Vermont hillsides developing strong bones and agile bodies. Foals are lovingly handled from birth learning basic manners and the basic skills they will use through out their lives.